What does it mean to be emboldened?

E M B O L D E N E D | v. | əmˈbōldəned | em·bold·en·ed

[past tense or past participle]

“to give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way”


Now, full disclosure, I was not an English major in college, so that's as far as my etymological history goes. However, there is something about this definition that I feel is not how I would interpret what it means to be emboldened.


To me, being emboldened is not something someone gives to you, but rather something that is harvested from within. It is within myself, with the encouragement of people in my life who continually uplift me, that I find the strength to be bold. To be brave. To be boisterous. To walk right in the direction of my the things that make me anxious.


There are girls who are emboldened everywhere, and I hope that this place can be used to uplift girls of color, fat girls, trans girls, queer girls, disabled girls, first-generation girls, undocumented girls and other girls whose existences and experiences are so often in the margins.




Here's to the girls who are emboldened

Here's to the girls leaping into their fears,

Fully aware of the possibility of failing,

But instead settling into the idea of flying.


I hope you find community here, and if not,

I hope you find ways to create your own little internet homes.